How much more revenue could your company generate from a more robust CFO business development initiative?

CFO Stay
Connected Initiative

In these unprecedented times, it is even more essential for business development executives to utilize creative means of connecting to CFOs and other finance executives, so as to maintain existing relationships, deliver intelligence and assistance, and to foster new relationships for when the business world again kicks into high gear.  As an intelligence platform to assist business development executives in achieving those and other important objectives, CFO Studio has launched the CFO Stay Connected Initiative.  Its three components, the CFO Business Intelligence Briefing Series – Virtual Edition, the CFO Discussion Series – Virtual Edition, and CFO StudioLIVE, deliver a convenient online means of continuous connectivity, knowledge and experience sharing, and intelligence gathering for business development executives seeking to connect with CFOs and other finance executives.

CFO Decision

In most corporate enterprises, CFOs are the senior decision-makers or influencers when acquiring important services and products. CFOs prefer not to be sold or convinced. So, forget the high-pressure sales tactics! CFOs often engage with those who, over time, demonstrate that they are knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced,  problem-solving experts.


Promote Your Brand

CFOs in particular do not typically respond to overt selling.  They respond more favorably to guidance, advise, thought-leadership, and successful results.  Through CFO Studio magazine, social media, and live events, CFO Studio delivers various opportunities for your company to promote its brand, share its insights and successes, generate leads, and establish connections as a means of securing new business opportunities.  By deploying programmed opportunities, publishing your company's original content, creating custom content, and delivering on targeted campaigns, CFO Studio can put your company’s messaging in front of CFOs at the right companies


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