In most corporate enterprises, CFOs are the senior decision-makers or influencers when acquiring important services and products. CFOs prefer not to be sold or convinced. So, forget the high-pressure sales tactics! CFOs often engage with those who, over time, demonstrate that they are knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced,  problem-solving experts.

CFO Decision Makers

Chief Financial Officers

CFOs are among the most important executives in the corporate enterprise when it comes to strategy, risk, leadership, purchases, and other critical decisions.  Given the intensity and demands of their schedules, their work ethics, and more, presenting ideas, services, and products to CFOs requires a precise, efficient, and beneficial approach.  CFOs recognize CFO Studio’s business events as opportunities to meet high-caliber peers and best-in-class service providers, advisors, and sellers.  As a result, they frequently attend and invite CFO Studio’s Business Development Partners to share insights, present their services, and more

By Geography

CFO Studio hosts live events at which select Business Development Partners meet CFOs from regional large and middle market companies in private rooms at great venues in east coast and mid-west markets around the U.S.  CFO Studio magazine promotes intelligent CFO-focused content and advertising to tens of thousands of CFOs, senior finance executives, accounting and finance managers and directors throughout the U.S.


CFOs and Business Development Partners in companies of various sizes have unique objectives and styles.  Accordingly, CFO Studio hosts separate live events for multi-billion dollar annual revenue companies, those under a billion, and more, as well as, CFOs in specific industries.  CFO Studio makes CFO introductions and deploys targeted methods to promote its BD Partners to the companies they seek to engage


By Industry

CFOs in separate industries have unique needs and preferences.  CFO Studio offers the CFO Industry Dinner & Dialogue Series, roundtable industry-specific discussion series, with topics influenced by Business Development Partners and CFOs, that attracts CFOs from regional large and middle market companies.  CFO Studio magazine offers industry Intelligence and spotlight content and advertising opportunities for highly targeted business development and brand awareness