Meet CFOs at Live Events

CFO Studio’s live events bring CFOs and select Business Development Partners together to foster profitable relationships, promote business between their companies, and more.  Held at great venues in multiple U.S. geographic markets, events are typically targeted by company size, type (public, private, private-equity or tax exempt), industry, geography, and more.  Most events provide industry exclusivity and limited competition to BD Partners, who consistently report having developed beneficial CFO relationships and achieved or exceeded their ROI objectives.  Some events offer CPE credits, drawing additional CFOs.  CFO Studio makes CFO introductions and provides detailed pre- and post-event reporting to its BD Partners

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CFO Innovation Conference

Held annually, the all-day CFO Innovation Conference attracts well-known global, domestic, and regional Business Development Partners, who present intelligence, trends, and thought-leadership on-stage throughout the day and on the CFO Boulevard trade show floor.  Attended by hundreds of CFOs from regional large and middle market companies in diverse industries, the CFO Innovation Conference offers BD Partners tremendous opportunities to meet CFOs, present, forge relationships, promote their brands, and pursue new business opportunities


Prominent CFOs or CEOs lead topics-focused discussions, moderated by CFO Studio, over elegant dinners among up to twenty CFOs from regional large and / or middle market companies in diverse industries. Held in private rooms at unique or exclusive venues, up to five Business Development Partners are invited to participate.  CFO Intell Dinner & Dialogues offer great opportunities to meet CFOs, share intelligence and thought-leadership, forge the beginnings of close business relationships, hear experiences shared by accomplished CFOs, and develop new business

CFO Excellence Awards

An annual elegant gala and high-profile Networking-Event-of-the-Season attended by CFOs, colleagues, friends, and families, at which CFO Studio and its Business Development Partners present ten or more awards to CFOs from large and middle market companies at wonderful venues.  The CFO Excellence Awards is an exciting, high-energy means of meeting CFOs that includes a wine reception, awards ceremony, dinner, and entertainment


CFO Industry Dinner & Dialogue Series

Roundtable industry-specific discussions, with topics influenced by Business Development Partners and CFOs, and moderated by CFO Studio,  Up to fifteen CFOs from regional large and middle market companies and three BD Partners meet, share insights, ideas, and experiences, forge relationships, and pursue new business over elegant dinners in private rooms at great venues.  Various Industry Series already launched with more in development


Business Bash Series

The Summer Business Bash and the Holiday Business Bash combine elegant business and social events, and include up to three on-stage presentations.  The Business Bash Series offers Business Development Partners intelligence, trend, and thought-leadership presentation opportunities, and in exciting business-focused events provides the ability to meet high-caliber CFOs from regional large and middle market companies in diverse industries, promote their brands, and more


Custom and Single BD Partner Events

Given the unique business development preferences and objectives of many companies, CFO Studio produces custom events for select BD Partners. Targeted by company size, type (public, private, private-equity or tax exempt), industry, geography, and more, your company can meet the precise CFOs with whom it seeks to develop new business