Promote Your Brand

CFOs in particular do not typically respond to overt selling.  They respond more favorably to guidance, advice, thought-leadership, and successful results.  Through CFO Studio magazine, social media, and live events, CFO Studio delivers various opportunities for your company to promote its brand, share its insights and successes, generate leads, and establish connections as a means of securing new business opportunities.  By deploying programmed opportunities, publishing your company's original content, creating custom content, and delivering on targeted campaigns, CFO Studio can put your company’s messaging in front of CFOs at the right companies

Thought-Leadership, Stories, & Custom Content

CFO Studio Magazine offers companies various opportunities to speak directly to tens of thousands of CFOs, senior finance executives, accounting and finance managers and directors throughout the U.S.  Intelligence, trends, thought-leading content, advertising, creative and custom digital and print services are available to promote your company’s brand, executives, services, and expertise

Augment your Company's Events with CFO Studio

Your company likely hosts its own events, often attended by existing clients / customers, CFOs, and others. CFOs tell us that in comparison to even the best events hosted by companies directly seeking their business, at CFO Studio events they feel no pressure or obligation, and feel safe among their peers. CFOs tell us that they enjoy the participation by only a handful of select CFO-savvy service providers who, because of industry-exclusivity, don't compete for CFOs attention. CFOs appreciate CFO Studio's managed "no-pressure" events, and enjoy the diverse formats and opportunities of CFO Studio events. They say that at CFO Studio events, they are actually MORE open to dialogue about their companies' needs and more willing to meet with thought-leading experts. 


Additionally, CFO Studio can drive greater CFO attendance at your company's events. 

Web Ads, E-mail, and Social Media

Promote your brand and deliver thought leadership content and advertising to tens of thousands of CFOs in the U.S.  Via a specifically targeted combination of web ads, email, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other business social media platforms, CFO Studio can drive more interest in your brand, your company, its services or products, and its executives

Customize your

Every company has its own unique approach to promoting its brand and developing new business.  CFO Studio develops custom events and targeted campaigns directed to specific CFO groups (company size, industry, type, geography, other)


2020 CFO Studio Magazine Editorial Calendar

March 2020

Cover Story:


Claude Draillard

Vice President Finance

Honda Aircraft Company

July 2020

Cover Story:


Matt Ellis

Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer


Verizon Communications

November 2020

Cover Story:


Tony Melfi
Senior Vice President and

Chief Financial Officer

Brother International